What Does German Media Say About President Jokowi?

President Joko Widodo. Photo by Wikipedia.
Indonesia Herald-Hamburg, Germany. On June 1, 2016 supporters of President, Mr. Joko Widodo or Jokowi, founded a new political party called Partai Indonesia Kerja (the Working Party of Indonesia/PIKA). The idea behind PIKA establishment concerns the recent reality in which Indonesian politicians have abandoned the general public including Jokowi's supporters. By founding PIKA, these supporters want to gather political support from the public for Jokowi's current government and future presidential election.

Perhaps we wonder why these supporters are still loyal to Jokowi despite criticism from his political opponents regarding his questionable successes in improving national economy, tackling problems of corruption and addressing human rights issue. Some of the answers of this question can be found in an article published by Der Spiegel, a German weekly news magazine.

First of all, not only does Jokowi likes rock music, but he also rocks  Indonesia with his humility. For example, he is willing to mingle with all people regardless their social classes, including the poor. For the poor, he is seen being their real representative in the government.

Secondly, Jokowi listens to people, such as those living in slum areas, and understands their problems. He also promises to provide solutions for their problems. More importantly, he keeps his promises.

Thirdly, Jokowi has defended religious freedom and kept extremists away from achieving their agendas of turning Indonesia into an Islamic State. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that despite large number of Muslim population in Indonesia, there are less Indonesian Muslims joining the Islamic State in Syria than Muslims from Saudi Arabia or Germany.

Fourthly, Jokowi is not the kind of hypocritical politician.  Although he is a pious Muslim, he prefers keeping his religion private. He is different from typical Indonesian politicians, hypocritical low class of Indonesians. They usually try hard to give an impression to the public that they are very religious citizens; yet, they steal people's money.

For these reasons, Jokowi continues to be a hope and an inspiration for his supporters. As such, this supporters continue to stay loyal to him. (IH-6)

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