Indonesian Male Comedian Aming Married a Man?

Aming. Photo contributed by Republik Gossip.

Indonesia Herald-Jakarta. It becomes apparent today that Indonesians like to gossip. The latest gossip is about a male Indonesian comedian, Aming.

Aming finally got married. On Saturday (06/04) his wedding photo showing him sitting next to his wife, Evelyn Nada Anjani, covered pages of Indonesian national media.

Instead of expressing their happiness for Aming, Indonesian social media users decided to gossip about him.

Just a day after his wedding, a gossip about Evelyn circulated widely on social media causing a heated conversation among social media users. Reportedly it has been mentioned that Evelyn is actually a man posing as a woman. If this is true, Aming is seriously in a big trouble because Indonesian law forbids same-sex marriage.

It was unclear who spread this gossip at first. But, the person shared Evelyn's photographs on social media showing her appearance which looks like a man. 

A close friend of Aming's, Ria Irawan has denied the rumor. She said that Evelyn is 100 percent a woman although she is a tomboy. 

"Evelyn is one hundred percent a woman. Aming and Evelyn held a wedding ceremony in an Islamic style,"said Ria Irawan.

Social media users posted a photo of Evelyn taken from her Instagram account. In her photo, Evelyn looks like a man as she has thin goatee on her chin. Her stylish short hair and clothing makes her look even more like a real man, The person next to her is Ria Irawan. 

The users also compare this picture with her picture on her wedding day. She was wearing a Muslim dress covering her entire body.

There must be something wrong with Indonesians. Perhaps negativity has become a part of Indonesian culture. It seems hard for Indonesians to appreciate good things happening to their fellow citizens.

Instead of gossiping about Aming, it would be better for them to ask about his wife to him directly. If they are not happy with his answers, then they can suggest a medical test to prove his wife's gender. Even so, this is kind of intrusive to Aming's personal life.

If Aming's wife is actually a man, they can propose local authority to cancel Aming's marriage.

It is wise for Indonesians to start thinking about more important issues such as how to tackle corruption. (IH-065).

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