Haji Lulung Indicates that Amien Rais, Megawati and Gus Dur were Communist Agents in 1998

"Soeharto resigned because of a pressure from a group of Indonesians controlled by communism and capitalism." Meme contributed by Dunia Senyap blog.

Indonesia Herald-Jakarta. A fame-hungry Jakarta based politician, Abraham Lunggana a.k.a Haji Lulung issued a statement that has sparked a debate around the role of communists in the 1998 Indonesian reform movement. In an anti-communism symposium in Jakarta on June 1, Lulung said that Indonesian communists worked with the movement activists to topple down the former President Soeharto.

Politicians including Arsul Sani, Secretary General of the United Development Party (PPP) rejects Lulung's baseless claim adding that Lulung is an uneducated man when it comes to the history of the reform movement (Kompas, 6/3).

Lulung apparently has no good knowledge of the drivers behind the reform movement. In addition to university students who staged massive protests against Soeharto in 1998, well known politicians such as Amien Rais, Megawati and Gus Dur were also important parts of the reform movement. They provided moral support for students.

Lulung's statement implies that these public figures and students were communist agents working for their communist handlers to topple down Soeharto. Lulung, however, does not provide proof on which his statement is based.

An anonymous source told Indonesia Herald that perhaps Lulung himself is a communist agent because Lulung has the qualities of a such agent.

Lulung does not only disrupt Indonesian social and religious harmony by his racists comments, but he has also brought Indonesian people into conflicts with one another. (kmp/IH-063).


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