Indonesian religious ritual: Making Love with Strangers for a Good Fortune

Typical offerings prepared for a religious ritual in Indonesia. Photo by Eko Susanto.

Indonesia Herald-Sragen, Indonesia. You never expect that in the largest Muslim country, Indonesia, such a weird religious ritual do exist. 

In Central Java, there is a pilgrimage place called Mount Kemukus located in Sragen regency, where people come to perform a bizarre ritual. They  have sex with strangers to bring good fortune. It is arguably correct to say that what they do is the religious version of orgy with one exception, 

The orgy is not done every night, on certain Thursday nights which in Javanese calendar fall at malam Jum'at pon. 

They believe that by doing this sex ritual, they will receive blessings from the Pangeran Samudra. These blessings are in the forms of worldly materials such as wealth or a rise in political position. The prince himself was killed by the locals while having sex with his mother in the past.

Interestingly, those who come to the mountain, are not only poor people who want to get rich instantly. Rich people and politicians also go there to get richer or more powerful.

An Australian TV station SBS featured this sex mountain. To read more about this story, go to SBS Dateline. (IH-05).


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