Indonesian politician Fadli Zon is inconsistent with Donald Trump

Smiling buddies: Fadli Zon and Donald Trump. Photo by Liputan 6.

Indonesia Herald-Bogor/Jakarta. It seems that Indonesian people can not trust their politicians such as Fadli Zon of Gerindra Party because they often show inconsistency in their words and action.

In September 2015 Fadli Zon met American presidential candidate Donald Trump to show his amazement of this controversial Republican politician. He was so proud of his brief meeting with Donald Trump that he shared a selfie photo of him and Donald Trump to Indonesian public.

Following Donald Trump's negative statements about Islam and Muslims, such as the urgency for banning Muslims from immigrating into America, Fadli Zon still felt proud of his meeting with Donald Trump.

Ironically, on last March 8, Fadli Zon told reporters from Reuters that he he would ask Indonesian government to restrict U.S. trade and investment in Indonesia if Trump won presidential election.

It is safe to assume that Fadli Zon will change his remarks in future depending on the result of American presidential election and how Indonesian public react to Donald Trump's leadership.

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