Chinese tourists: dirty travellers with poor manners

Chinese parents let their kid pee in public space. Photo by Harald Groven.

Indonesia Herald-Jeju, Beijing. Indonesian government is working hard to boost the number of Chinese tourists visiting Indonesia. The government believe that the influx number of Chinese tourists will improve Indonesian economy.

Although it is true that the visits of Mainland Chinese tourists keeps Indonesian tourism industry running, Indonesian general public should be aware of the fact that Chinese tourists are the kind of dirty travellers with poor manners. The following samples of their bad behaviors, that were reported by BBC, hopefully help Indonesian people know better what to expect from Chinese tourists.

A Youtube video posted by Thai citizen, Duangjai, showed Chinese tourists jumping the queue at a South Korean airport. According to Duangjai, not only did these tourists step on her feet and push their way to the front of the line, they also made the airport toilets dirty. 

In Thailand, a Chinese tourist was seen drying her underwear at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok. 

In addition to these samples,  as reported by the Online Citizen, in Singapore suspected Mainland Chinese tourists relieved themselves or let their children do that in open spaces in shopping malls, restaurants, busy streets and train stations. 

While not all Mainland Chinese tourists behave badly, Chinese government has taken this matter so seriously that they issue a guide of globally accepted behaviors for Chinese citizens who want to travel abroad. The guide includes a ban on using open spaces as toilets. (IH-06).

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