15 Top Recomended Islamic Websites of Indonesia

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IndonesiaHerald.com - The growth of the websites of Islam in Indonesia a few years experienced a significant increase. Dozens of websites are born every day. Not a few of the thousands of Islamic website, which was developed for spreading radical ideology. And it gets worse, from a variety of backgrounds and types of websites that radical, his position was still at the top of the websites of moderate Islam Indonesia. For it need to caution the reader in finding information about the Islamic world, in order not to get into a radical websites that.

Professional Muslim Brotherhood (PPM) Aswaja released the list of Islamic websites safe and friendly reference to read netizen. The websites are disseminating the Islamic idea of peace in the frame of plural Indonesia society.

Here's a list of 12 websites recommended in Indonesia:

1. NU Online (www.nu.or.id)
2. Muslime Media News- (Muslimedianews.com)
3. Islami - (Islami.co)
4. Arrahmah Nusantara Network - (Arrahmah.co.id)
5. Ngaji Yuk - (Elhooda.net)
6. Moslem for All - (www.moslemforall.com)
7. Pustaka Ilmu Sunni Salafiyah-KTB - (www.piss-ktb.com)
8. Santri News - (www.santrinews.com)
9. Aswaja NU Search - (www.aswajanu.com)
10. Cyber Dakwah - (www.cyberdakwah.com)
11. Muslim Moderate - (www.muslimoderat.com)
12. Sarkub - (www.sarkub.com)


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